Pennies and Dollars.

I only go out to sell if there is someone to watch and learn from me, in that way I train someone and sell new business at the same time, a very productive use of my time because most of the people I train will then go out and sell business when I am NOT there. 

In most JOBS you work 8 hours and get paid for 8 hours of work and that’s it. 

I have not had a job since 2003 and I probably never will for the rest of my life. I know now that I’ll be an entrepreneur for the rest of my life, no doubt. 

You can work at a job for 20 years, then one day you get fired and you have….. nothing. Lots of people are learning that painful lesson right now. 

If you build a business for 20 years you can turn around and sell it for double the current yearly revenue. That means that my little entertainment company is now worth 400 to 500K if I were to sell it today. 

You can’t sell your job….

The trick is to find a business that will earn you a residual income and allow you to duplicate your effort many times over.  That’s exactly what Balloon Distractions does, train a crew, send them out to restaurants, and make income while you are asleep. 

We all have the same 24 hours a day to live in, from Bill Gates to a homeless guy. Bill Gates is a billionaire because he built a huge business that sold a product to millions of consumers. 

How much are you WORTH?

If you die today what worth did you hold in the universe?

I’m not talking about money or wealth, we just accumulate money during our lives and then is gets dispersed again after we die. Money is fluid and temporary, if I take $10,000 and disperse it outward to relatives, charity, taxes, etc… pretty soon that money is gone. 

Like water in a 10 gallon bucket that’s been poured out onto the lawn on a hot summer day, if I come back the next day there is zero proof that the water ever existed! Money is so temporary, more of a symbol than a tangible thing.   

I’m talking about the changes that you created while you were here on earth. Did you change people’s lives? Did you create something that is generational and lasting?

Did you make life better for your family, the people you work with, the clients you serve?

Maybe this is what keeps me in Rotary, besides the social aspect of it all. Do the water filters we install in Honduras save children’s lives? Do the balloon art skills that we teach students help them pay for college?

I want to get my company into 100 regions not just for the profit, but because I feel that we have a positive impact on the lives of the people who work with us, even if they only do so for a few months.

It’s HARD to find the right people who are willing to build regions by training a crew and selling new clients. They have to start from ZERO and really build a business from the ground up. I know they’re out there; the salespeople, the school teachers, the folks who retired in their late 50’s yet they still have SO much to contribute and a lifetime of people skills under their belt to help them do it.

Whatever you do strive to make an impact, strive to do something positive that will outlast your short time here on earth.    

What it takes to Build a Region.

Balloon Distractions started with one client back in 2003, a Perkin’s restaurant on North Dale Mabry road in Tampa, FL.

From that humble beginning we grew to a nationwide team of entertainers that crosses four time zones and entertains children from Seattle to Miami to Los Angeles.

Each local team is led by a Regional Partner, and we are seeking additional Regional Partners in over 130 markets across the United States.

Our Regional Partners are independent contractors, they determine the pace and growth of their region. 

What in the world does a Regional Partner do?

–        They fill gigs and make sure the schedule is filled each week.

–        Introduce this idea to new clients.

–        Find and develop a crew of entertainers.

How does someone become a Regional Partner?

–        Fill out the Regional Partner form on our website.  

–        Submit to a background check and fill out our Independent Contractor agreement.

–        Work your way up through the levels in our program.

How much do Regional Partners earn?

Your pay is based upon a percentage of incoming revenue from clients that you have established in your region, in a major market working 30 plus hours per week you can earn over $100K per year.

In a smaller market (less than 100,000 people) you can do this part time and on weekends to earn an extra $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

Some of our Regional Partners in secondary markets earn $25K per year working less than 10 hours per week.

Where do successful Regional Partners come from?

From retired military to full time college students, our RP team varies in gender, race, age and work experience. Even across this diversity there are some common characteristics among them:

–        They are willing to fill gigs and make people happy.

–        Expressive, outgoing and friendly.

–        Humble. Even the founder and CEO of the company goes out to make balloons for children on a regular basis.      

–        Goal oriented, it is not EASY or FAST to get up to $100K in annual income. It takes consistent commitment over a long period of time.    

–        Persistent and TOUGH. People quit, clients cancel, that’s life… but as long as you keep going you will find success in this business.

How does Balloon Distractions support the Regional Partners?

We have an entire system that walks you through every facet of our business, from twisting your very first balloon to learning how to run a crew of 30 Independent Contractor Entertainers.

We’ve moved our entire operation online, you can run a huge team with a laptop and a smartphone. Balloon Distractions handles the  billing, payroll, quality control and 90% of the weekly scheduling.

We also have trainers who can come to your region and help you launch your region.

Does it cost anything to get started?

As an Independent Contractor you pay for all your supplies: a balloon pump, some balloons, an apron, etc. You can buy these items anywhere for less than $100. 

You will spend time and gas building your region, so you’ll need to own a well-maintained and reliable vehicle. 

Our revenue is derived from charging our clients a specific fee per booking, you are paid a percentage of all incoming revenue in your region twice per month. 

Why should I work with Balloon Distractions?

Why not just buy some balloons and do this on my own?

Why do people spend millions on a McDonald’s franchise?

Because McDonald’s corporation has the best SYSTEMS in the world.

Here at Balloon Distractions we’ve figured out the optimal way to develop and organize crews of 25 to 50 entertainers on a weekly basis.

Balloon Distractions is already an approved vendor with many of the national brands, from Chili’s to Applebee’s to IHOP.

As you grow your region you also are plugged into a national support network of Regional Partners who trade ideas and tips on a weekly basis.

Make $500 by helping us!

This might earn you $500 bucks, please repost / share.

Balloon Distractions is paying out a $500 FINDERS FEE to anyone who leads us to a NEW Regional Partner in any city in the United States. The new RP must build their region to 8 weekly bookings in order for you to get the fee.

Regional Partners fill bookings in restaurants, get new restaurants onboard and build the entertainer crew in their region.

They typically earn $2K per month part time, $4K a month working full time. We train them on EVERYTHING, all they need to start is a reliable vehicle, an outgoing personality, and a modicum of ambition.

Our current Regional Partners range in age from 18 to 68, and they come from all backgrounds; from college students to school teachers to retired military folks.

If you have a likely prospect get their contact info to:

-Ben Alexander

Founder / CEO

Mike Walker recruits in Philadelphia

The next section was written by Mike Walker, our 20 year-old regional leader in Philadelphia. Mike is one of our youngest and most successful regional leaders, he knows his stuff !

Recruiting twisters is the same as selling restaurants.  As a recruiter you are selling the concept of working for balloon distractions to prospective twisters.  Confidence is key, and just like selling restaurants, it all hinges on belief in the product and the ability to convey that belief to the target audience. 

Establishing legitimacy is a very important aspect of overcoming the doubts prospective twisters may have concerning their work with Balloon Distractions.  Many prospective twisters fear that this business is a “scam” (nothing is farther from the truth). It sounds “too good to be true” for many people (it did to me) but I make sure to avoid negative language such as “scam”, “con”, or “rip off.” 

Concerning payment I say this to every prospective twister

“Payment is all in tips, what you make is what you keep, balloon distractions never sees a single dollar of what you earn.  If you make 100 dollars working on a Friday night, you keep all of that money no payments to balloon distractions.  Balloon Distractions serves as a talent agency that simply finds restaurants for Twisters. 

Where I find all my twisters: Restaurants

I cannot begin to stress the importance of restaurant recruiting, three quarters of all the twisters I have trained, I recruited in restaurants.  Recruiting in a restaurant is the easiest way to recruit new twisters.  Prospective twisters meet you face to face and see the company in action.  When somebody sees a flyer advertising fifteen dollars an hour they automatically suspect the legitimacy of the job, however at a restaurant there is no doubt that this is a legitimate business.  Patrons can see us at work, as well as see first hand the clean cut and articulate nature of those already working for the company.  The “wad of cash” is the greatest asset when approaching prospective twisters.  Show the patrons how much money you have made in your x hours of work and then tell them how much you will walk out of the restaurant with in “X” hours total work. 

There is another advantage to recruiting in restaurants.  Beyond legitimacy, you can get a feel for the caliber of each individual while you are making them balloon animals.  In conversation, note their personality and take that in consideration while interviewing them. 

At first for me, restaurant recruiting was a very difficult and awkward process.  I would go up to a table of my peers, make them a balloon animal and offer them a job.  It seemed weird. As opposed interjecting how well twisting balloons pays at the end of entertaining a table of people, I now weave aspects about the job into my conversation with patrons, and I am ALWAYS constantly looking for any interest that the patron has.  Normally questions such as “how did you get into this”, or “how does being a clown pay?” are great ways to begin to recruit patrons at the table.  I always stress that I wish I had come upon this job sooner (which is true) and that it is the perfect job for high school and college students, or whatever their age demographic may be. 

For every table that expresses minimal interest in becoming twister, I write “$15/hr” on the back of the business card that I leave at each table.  I tell them to call me when they are tired of making minimum wage working 20 hour weeks, when they can make the same money in two shifts in Balloon Distractions.

At every table I work, I search for any slight interest that the patron has in becoming a twister, or making more money.  I always find ways to tie into the conversation how I got started twisting and how much I make (without making the conversation awkward for the patrons). 

Every night I make it my goal to leave the restaurant with the phone number of at least one prospective twister.  If they have your number there is a very miniscule chance that they will end up working with balloon distractions, however if you have their number and you call and set up an interview, there is a very good chance they will end up working with us.

Posture is important!

Maintain the correct posture when recruiting! No, I’m not talking about standing up straight, check it out:

A man is standing on a street corner with a tray of cookies. Every time a person walks by he says “Take a cookie, please, please, please, you gotta take a cookie, I NEED you to take a cookie…” Would everyone take a cookie? Some people would, but a lot of people would be put off and suspicious because of the man’s poor posture. Instead, the cookie man should only let a few select people have a cookie (like every tenth person). The nine that were left out would be begging and screaming for a cookie because people want whatever is denied them.

How does this apply to recruiting for Balloon Distractions? When you are talking to someone about the business let them know that there are only three (pick any low number) positions to fill and once the positions are filled their window to get in will be shut.

When someone resists my efforts to recruit them I’ll say something like “Hey, ya know, there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t mind making twenty bucks an hour, you’re obviously happy making six bucks an hour and my time is worth a lot….. You have my number, call me if you change your mind.” I said that to a skeptical guy once and hung up the phone. The next day he called me back and begged me to come on board and now he’s one of the best twisters in the company.

Questions for potential recruits:

Basic questions we ask potential Balloon Distractions entertainers:

-Do you own a reliable vehicle?

-Does dealing with people make you anxious in any way?

-Do you have internet access in your home?

-Do you have a credit card with which you can order supplies?

-How do you feel able talking to strangers?

-Have you worked with children before?

-How do you feel about learning a new skill?

We hire people for their personality, and then teach the balloon twisting.

(December 2013)