Posture is important!

Maintain the correct posture when recruiting! No, I’m not talking about standing up straight, check it out:

A man is standing on a street corner with a tray of cookies. Every time a person walks by he says “Take a cookie, please, please, please, you gotta take a cookie, I NEED you to take a cookie…” Would everyone take a cookie? Some people would, but a lot of people would be put off and suspicious because of the man’s poor posture. Instead, the cookie man should only let a few select people have a cookie (like every tenth person). The nine that were left out would be begging and screaming for a cookie because people want whatever is denied them.

How does this apply to recruiting for Balloon Distractions? When you are talking to someone about the business let them know that there are only three (pick any low number) positions to fill and once the positions are filled their window to get in will be shut.

When someone resists my efforts to recruit them I’ll say something like “Hey, ya know, there are plenty of people out there who wouldn’t mind making twenty bucks an hour, you’re obviously happy making six bucks an hour and my time is worth a lot….. You have my number, call me if you change your mind.” I said that to a skeptical guy once and hung up the phone. The next day he called me back and begged me to come on board and now he’s one of the best twisters in the company.

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