Spinning Plates!

Lots of plates spinning….



written by Ben Alexander

I learned earlier this week that Balloon Distractions’ segment on Shark Tank is going to air on January 17th, 2014 … at the same time my parents are traveling to Florida to visit for the holidays I have to rent out this little house I own in Tampa.

I bought it in 2004 for about 58K, and its been rented out continually since then… when my last tenant left in July I put it up for sale on the market for 50K, but I keep getting ridiculous offers for well below that. So I’m going to rent it for another year or 2 and try to sell it again in 2016. I guess, who knows.  

I’m cleaning up the house and getting ready for the holidays…. the tree is up, the lights are hung….  

I’m also traveling to Ocala once a week to recruit and train college kids, stay at home Moms and military veterans on my team up there. Right now we are in a recruiting push to add at least 20 new regions in 2014. I have no idea who will find us as a result of the national exposure on Shark Tank, but I’m positive it will be good for our business.

I love military veterans, they work really hard, know how to follow standard operating procedure, and they have a very teachable manner that makes them a joy to do business with.

If you just retired from the military and you are looking for your next chapter let’s have a conversation!

I’m still looking for the magic formula that will get my idea in all 200 markets around the United States, if you are reading this and would like to develop a region with us (or maybe just twist balloons for a couple hundred $$ per week) shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there:


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