The Unlimited Creativity of the Ballooniverse.


Famous balloon artist Jason Szabo and his amazing Yoda….

Balloon art really took off in the 1990’s when people started sharing pics on this website:

Previous to that there were a few basic books and some small conventions around the world, but once the folks in the Ballooniverse started to collaborate there was an explosion of new ideas.

Balloon Distractions has had over 4,000 people learn balloon twisting in our organization since 2003, so we’ve been a small part of the expansion of the Ballooniverse, no pun intended!  

Twisting balloons in restaurants is a great way to get very fluent at the art  and earn some decent cash as well, the CEO of our company worked in restaurants during his last 2 years of college and graduated with no student debt!

There is also the added benefit of bringing joy to people through balloon twisting…

Balloons represent a colorful medium for creativity all over the world, and we are proud to be a part of it!  

Amazing Balloon Dresses!



Marie Dadow in Phoenix is one of the top balloon dress makers in the United States.

This is Ms. Dadow’s Pinterest link:

Some of the other dresses were created by Michael Gjerek in Slovenia and Rie Hosokai in Japan.

Balloon Dresses are just one more swirling galaxy in the Ballooniverse, since we focus on balloon twisting in restaurants we want to promote all things latex here on our blog.

Balloons are simply a medium by which creative people can create something which has never been seen before, enjoy!