Get a $384 check next month!


NEW TRAINER COMPENSATION Starting in February 2014:

If you recruit and TRAIN a friend you will EARN $12 every time your friend fills a gig with no complaint. 

If you train 4 friends, and they all fill 2 gigs / week, with no complaints ? 

Your monthly check will be:  $384   

You get the Independent Contractor TRAINER BONUS every month that you personally meet our Active / Inactive requirement.

Active means you do one of the following:

Fill 4 gigs  OR  train 1 new Entertainer who fills one gig  OR sell one new client.

If you are Inactive in any given month you will not qualify for a Trainer bonus for that specific month, but if you go ACTIVE the next month your Trainer commission will resume.

If you are interested in becoming a TRAINER please email Ben:

The basic requirements:

1. You must be a proven and reliable artist already on the team.

2. You must be willing to go through our “Be a Trainer” written training.

3. You will remain as a 1099 Independent Contractor with us, paid all commissions monthly. 

4. You must be on Direct Deposit through our corporate HQ.

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