Faith transformed me as an entrepreneur.


I had struggled for a long time, chasing dollars instead of purpose and finding neither.

My business was slowing down and I felt lost.

It was at this point (in my late 30’s) that I humbled myself in prayer and accepted Christ into my heart.

“I can not handle this burden, tell me what to do God, come into my heart, guide me in Your wisdom.”

For a long time the rational / logical side of my brain had resisted Faith. If I couldn’t touch it and feel it I had trouble believing in it. But then I realized that I was surrounded by miracles; the love of my daughters, the love of my parents and friends, even a business that gave joy to children.

And I was SURROUNDED by many Regional Leaders in my company who are also people of abiding Faith.

I had realigned my heart with God, so then I set about realigning my company with a mission of helping people and becoming a conduit for God’s love.

Balloon Distractions brings joy to children, a blessing not only to the recipient but also to the artists creating those smiles and fond memories.

Over the last 8 months I traveled out to all our regions and got to know our Regional Partners better as well as their teams. We sold new clients together and trained new people, from Scranton to Seattle to Houston to Los Angeles. I was truly inspired by the energy and creativity that I found in our team.

I prayed for MORE good people to come to us and help us grow an amazing company, one that would glorify HIM and teach 10,000 people how to earn money for their families by bringing joy to children.

After all, Balloon Distractions does not belong to me, it belongs to the Creator. I’m merely a steward of the organization, and I’m tasked with making this the BEST company in our niche that touches the lives of the MOST people.

It was a miracle that BD was chosen out of 32,000 applicants to appear on Shark Tank, I hope that someone who sees us on the show will find this post and decide to JOIN us on our mission.

It is hard work, and the income is modest, but you can TOUCH LIVES in our business, and this is the greatest blessing of all!

Benjamin T. Alexander

January 9th, 2014.

One thought on “Faith transformed me as an entrepreneur.

  1. Ben,
    I met you this morning as you were walking with your wife and you asked me to read this post. Wow!!! What an amazing story. I would love to sit and treat you to lunch sometime and talk more about your new found faith.

    Your friend and fellow ‘stagecoach-ian’

    James Dodzweit

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