“It all depends on the one you feed…….”


From an old Cherokee parable…..

The Cherokee Chief is talking to his grandson:

“Your entire life there will be two wolves that are always at war within you, one is full of ego, anger and hate, he represents fear, bitterness, jealousy, frustration, revenge, and darkness. The other wolf radiates with light and love, he is kindness, hope, compassion, understanding and reconciliation.”

The young man pondered this for a minute and asked a question:

“So which wolf wins?”

The Chief smiled and put his hand on his grandson’s shoulder:

“It all depends on the one you feed…….”


2 thoughts on ““It all depends on the one you feed…….”

  1. Ben, so glad to hear you have given your heart to The Lord. Money is the root of all evil. Keep your heart and mind focused on God and serving Him. He will direct your path. I know you personally and have worked with you. I have held contempt in my heart towards you because of the way I perceived you in the past. After reading your blog posts and trusting that you are being open, humble, and honest, God has changed my heart and has allowed me to see you and your company through a different lens, a lens of grace. None of us are perfect, we just have to do our best to love God, love others, and expand His kingdom. We do that through our interactions with others and every action, every word, every gesture, is our living testimony of the grace and love God has shown us.
    I have skimmed your blog and I do feel that you have made a change in the way you relate to others. That is great! I prayed for your company to steward the money you earn which is ultimately God’s anyway, to use it as you said you would, to make the world a better place, and to share the love that God wants us to have for others! Praying that you go forward with these lifestyle changes and continue to grow! I know that you always have high ambitions for yourself and that is incredibly admirable! I also know that you reach many of your goals! I cannot wait to read about how you changed the lives of people by giving the opportunity to have clean drinking water! May God bless your vision and your mission!

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