What is the #VortexOfHappiness ?????????????


When you’re in a restaurant or an event and twist a balloon for a child there is always that moment when you finally hand them the balloon and they smile back at you.

When you do an entire 3 hour shift and this happens over and over you always feel good at the end of the shift. Your feet might hurt, your voice might be tired, but your heart is full.  

The shapes that you make will deflate in a few days and get discarded, but the memory you created in that child could last forever.

That child will grow up, and inevitably face difficulties at some point, as we all do, but perhaps they will remember that tiny moment when a stranger smiled at them and showed them KINDNESS, which in reality is an expression of love, writ small.   

As the Entertainer you gain as well from making children happy.

So what IF you MULTIPLY that moment? What IF you create a Vortex of Happiness 100 times, a thousand times or a million times?

What if YOU join us and become a Trainer and teach 50 people how to bring JOY to children everywhere?

Or even a Regional Partner who grows this concept across 10 or 15 cities? How many LIVES can you touch in a POSITIVE way?

It all starts here:


God Bless!

Ben Alexander

Jan 25, 2014


One thought on “What is the #VortexOfHappiness ?????????????

  1. Ben – I loved this blog so much for what it inspires. I just wanted to say that through all the “interesting” times we had raising you, it was worth the effort to see how great you have turned out as a person. The “Sharks” could only wish to ever have a kid as great as you – Love, Dad.
    P.S – and I have three more kids just like this Mark Cuban!!! So “shut up”!

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