What sets us APART from the other pitches on #Sharktank tonight.


When you see a clever product or service pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank you might say to yourself: “pretty cool, I’d buy / download / use it.”

But you can’t look at that idea and use it to make INCOME for you and your family.

The Scrub Daddy, or Wicked Good Cupcakes, or any of the other awesome products featured on Shark Tank will never earn YOUR FAMILY a single dime!

With Balloon Distractions YOU can work with us to create a business unit in your town that will become an additional SOURCE of income to whatever ELSE you might be doing to keep a roof over your head!

For each WEEKLY booking that you put together in your region you will earn an extra 2K to 3K per year.

How many family friendly restaurants are within 30 minutes of your doorstep?

Need to make an extra 50K this year?

Build a region to 25 bookings per week. We have incredible training systems and will teach you everything you need to know, from balloon twisting to organizing a large team of entertainers.

Your investment to start a region is REALLY EXPENSIVE, about $46, plus shipping!

Here is the link:


Thanks for reading our blog………

Happy Twisting!

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