What if all colleges tried THIS?


What IF you could attend a college that was either FREE or very inexpensive upfront but a percentage of your gross income would go back to that university for 5 years following the completion of your degree?  
Would you take that deal, rather than go into heavy student loan debt?
If your college taught you a skill that is not needed nor marketable they will make LESS revenue, on the other hand, if the university teaches you something lucrative and NEEDED in our free market economy they will benefit from your economic success. 
This would force your college to honestly look at your abilities, talents and passions and help you succeed economically post graduation, this would also incentivize the university to teach you basic life skills as well, the more successful you are in all aspects of life the more the university will earn.
It would behoove your university to teach you about how to interview, how to network, and how to sell yourself to prospective employers.
If there was an entrepreneur track in that college they might trade equity in any business you start in the 5 years following your graduation…
The university would also have an incentive to educate you about healthy lifestyles and relationships, because a healthy and well adjusted individual is more likely to earn a higher income than those who are not healthy or well adjusted.
In my work as the owner of a company I find myself in a mentor role all the time, teaching basic business concepts to the folks on our team; sales, marketing, developing trainers, etc.
I’m incentivized to teach these skills to our team because it helps grow our bottom line.
When my company gets big enough and I have the free cash to implement this idea I’m going to do exactly that!
-Ben Alexander
March 16, 2014

One thought on “What if all colleges tried THIS?

  1. Yes!!! Would mean the end of degrees in majors like Gender Studies. There was a kid who called into Dave Ramsey’s show who was 100K in debt for a degree in Philosophy! Oh, the madness! I think classes teaching people how to grow their own food, make products to sell, etc., would be helpful, as well. Great idea, Ben!

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