Can you turn a #Loser into a #Winner?

In the arrogance and overblown ego of youth I believed that there were simply winners and losers in life, that some people were destined to succeed while others were simply going to fail. It’s true that we are all blessed with different talents and abilities, but after many years in business and experiencing many changes and setbacks in my own life I feel that anyone can become a winner if they are willing to change.

It starts with humility, and putting your life in the hands of a higher power.

God does not want you to be a loser, you are made in His image, and the negative results in your life stem from the fallen world that you live in, and the poor choices that you’ve made up to this point.

But even after you’ve fallen and made huge mistakes you can still lift yourself up and make the changes you need in your life to win.

You are defined by WHAT you do in the future and WHO you become moving forward.

If you find yourself in a losing position right now the root cause was probably flawed thinking that led to your present condition. The good news is that you can take that thinking and change it for the better. I’ve created an ongoing self-improvement habit in my own life, and this has made a huge difference in my results.

As long as you’re still alive you can improve your life. You can improve your thinking, your health, your relationships, your finances, your everything. You’re still on this side of the grass, the game is not over yet!

With some people this change might take a long time, an addiction that you developed over several decades will take longer than a few days to shake. If your finances are an unholy mess it will months to get them back on track, possibly even years. Results might not be apparent for a long time, but in the process of making changes you’re winning already.

In this regard the only real loser is the person who refuses to change, who stays mired in misery because they refuse to look in the mirror and make an honest self-assessment.

Orrin Woodward says “You have to hate changing enough to lose, or you have to hate losing enough to change.”

There is hope for anyone out there, all it takes is a decision to change.

-Ben Alexander

July 2015

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