Car-Jacked by a #Millionaire!

I ran into my friend Pat Murtha at the grocery store and during our conversation he mentioned that he never reads any type of success or self-help books.

I asked him this question:

“Would you agree that all the results in your life, good, bad or otherwise, are a result of your thinking up to this very moment?”

Pat agreed with my point.

I continued: “Do you want to stay at your current net worth for the rest of your life?”

Pat responded; “Of course not, I want to be worth $10 million dollars one day.”

I nodded at this and replied: “OK, would you agree that you have to learn how to think like someone who is worth $10 million bucks before you reach that same net worth yourself? Can you see why you need to read books by those who are wealthier than you?”

At the end of the conversation Pat asked me to text him the titles of some of the books I’ve been reading.

Driving home from the grocery store I was listening to a recording of a millionaire teaching about how he built a huge business, paid off his debt, and reached a high level of success. Not just in his finances, but also in his marriage and in all the other areas of his life that really matter.

I’ve been listening to recordings in my car and reading success books for the past 18 months. In that short span of time my thinking has started to change; my debt is beginning to go away, Balloon Distractions is more profitable, I’m also 100% free of alcohol and all the problems that brought into my life.

I still have a long way to go in becoming the person I want to be, but this feels like a great start.

I used to listen to shock jocks, or top 40 radio stations. I learned nothing from Bubba the Love Sponge, other than how to be negative and crass. I kicked Bubba out of the passenger seat and replaced him with an entire team of millionaires and multi-millionaires.

I’ve been learning from highly successful people while I drive to restaurant bookings and sell new clients.

I’ve stopped listening to the opinions of people who have average results in life. All they can teach me is how to be average, nothing more.

Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to results, consistent results over time lead to your fortune.

Who are you listening to?

Are you being car-jacked by average thinking?

If you want better results you’ll have to upgrade your thinking.

Get car-jacked by a millionaire!

Ben Alexander

August 2, 2015

Life Leadership has some great success training:

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