#Simple or #Complicated?

If you look at every aspect of your life there are normally 2 ways to go, either simple or complicated.

This is a great way to evaluate all the decisions you make, and act accordingly.


Case in point:

Drinking like a fish and getting arrested for intoxicated driving = complicated (and expensive).

Going 100% sober = simple, and easy on the wallet.


Denying a higher power and losing all hope = complicated (and a little sad).

Faith and daily prayer = simple, you can pray anywhere, anytime. God is wherever you are.


Getting into debt and working like a dog to pay interest payments = complicated.

Trimming your entertainment budget and going debt free = simple, it just takes time.


Getting fat and developing diabetes = really complicated.

Exercising 10 minutes each day = simple.


Using the information currently in your head to build your fortune = complicated.

Listening and learning from brilliant mentors who have already done it = simple.


Be a bum, procrastinate = complicated.

Work harder than your peers, go after your long term goals with gusto = simple.


Be super negative, have an awful attitude and make everyone angry = complicated.

Be positive, be upbeat, light up the room when you walk in = simple.


Never admitting you might be wrong, refusing to change course = complicated.

Being honest with yourself, changing course to get better results = simple.


Never reading, never growing, embracing ignorance = complicated.

Reading 5 minutes each day, from books on leadership and success = simple.


Being broke your entire life = complicated

Working towards success, building a business that keeps paying you for many years  = simple.


Make your life easier in the long run by taking the simple option today. You WILL work harder in the short run, but the long run will be far easier.

Simple is not always EASY, but it always trumps “complicated”.

I listen to success training CDs in my car every single day. It helps me out, it might help you out as well. You are already stuck in your vehicle, you might as well learn something that will help you drive a nicer vehicle in the future.

Can you listen to a CD? How simple is that?    

-Ben Alexander

August 10, 2015

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