Gutter Guards!

Have you ever gone bowling and the bowling ball swerves into the gutters?

It makes bowling a strike about ten times more difficult.

I don’t like the gutters, they are the bane of my bowling alley existence!

The last time I was at the bowling alley I saw some young children bowling and they had these little Gutter Guards that deployed from the side of the lane and prevented the ball from going into the gutters.

What a great idea! If I went bowling with the Gutter Guards up I would be the best bowler in the universe!

Finding consistent success in life is very similar to bowling with huge gutters on either side of a very narrow wooden lane that stretches 400 yards long.

Each time you have a setback it’s just like bowling a huge gutter-ball!

I’ve bowled a ton of gutter-balls in my day: problems with the IRS, getting into debt, messing up relationships, making poor decisions, drinking to excess, etc.

Of course, the only way to totally avoid gutter-balls is to never bowl!

But what if there was a way to put up Gutter Guards on the bowling alley of your life?

You might not bowl a strike every time, but your chances of actually scoring are far higher.

After I went on the show Shark Tank I began plugging into some great training created by LIFE Leadership, a company based in Cary, NC.

The Life Leadership training system acts like Gutter Guards on your path to success.

I became a better husband, my debt started to evaporate, and alcohol is totally absent from my life!

Thank Goodness!

I’m not perfect, I still have a ton of growth to go, but I feel like my path to a greater success is THAT much clearer now.

The Gutter Guards are in place, I just have to keep bowling!

-Ben Alexander

August 15, 2015

More info on Life Leadership:

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