Tim Allen’s Goal Grid!

TV personality and comedian Tim Allen has a great method for setting goals.

He writes down 3 sets of goals: Lifetime, 12 month, and Daily.

This is a brilliant approach, because your daily activities contribute to your 12 month goals, which then lead to your lifetime goals.

This grid tends to focus your daily activities in the right direction.

A big lifetime goal is like constructing the Great Wall of China, you have to build it one daily brick at a time. Minor efforts compound over a lifetime.

Daily efforts also lead to eventual mastery.

Draw up your own grid, write down your own goals. It only takes about 5 minutes.

About 1 in 100 people actually write down their goals. And in that group far fewer take action on a daily basis towards their goals.

Success is doing now what others are not willing to do so that you can have in the future what others do not have.

If you have a daily activity that takes away from your lifetime goals get rid of it. I deleted my Facebook account back in May because it was a huge time suck. Now I spend more time reading and writing.

I left the local Rotary club because the money I was spending there was going against my plan to pay off my home by my 43rd birthday.

When I’m debt-free I can always rejoin Rotary, if they’ll take me.

It took me until I was 41 years old to finally find my focus, my purpose, and a clear path to get where I want to go.

Build your goal grid, do something different from the crowd!

Have a great Labor Day!

-Ben Alexander

September 7, 2015

PS: Whatever your goals happen to be you can get there faster with a daily dose of personal development. I’ve been a student of the Life Leadership training since 2014, I highly recommend it:

More info on Life Leadership:     http://www.lifeleadership.com/61414939

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