11,000 days on the JOB?

If you work a standard Monday to Friday job you’ll commute to work 250 days each year.

That’s 2,500 days per decade.

Assuming retirement at age 65, the average 20 year old has 11,000 days of work ahead of them.

If you’re 30 you can look forward to 8,500 more days in your cubicle.

40 year olds have 6,000 more days.

50 years old?

That’s 3,700 more days with your lovely boss!

Is there another way?

Do you have to trade time for money for the rest of your life?

When I started Balloon Distractions in 2003 I was 29 years old. I left the “rat race” and designed a business model by which I could generate residual revenue from multiple cities and multiple entertainers.

Residual income allows you to have your time back, in the last decade I’ve had more free time than any other decade of my life.

How can you create a residual income for yourself?

In October of 2014 I started building a compensated community within the Life Leadership organization. The LIFE training saved my marriage, helped me eliminate a ton of debt, and helped me find sobriety.

There are now 140 people on my LIFE team, this community is generating a residual income that I’m using to pay off the mortgage on my home.

I could go into a coma for the next two months and when I wake up in February my LIFE team would be BIGGER.

In 2014 I made a decision to build a long-term residual income with the LIFE business model, you can do the same thing in 2016.

Life Leadership has a proven global training system that teaches you how to create a six-figure income and escape the cubicle forever. It will require consistent work, your willingness to learn, and some spare time in the short term.

If you are just out of college it makes logical sense to build a residual income within the LIFE business model, even if you already have a standard 9-5 job.

Build your LIFE business part time, until it outpaces your income from your job. If you have debt use the extra funds from your LIFE business to pay it all off. You’ll have less stress in your life.

Millionaires live off of profits, not wages. Wages are limited by time, profits are only limited by the size of your business.

The only limit to your LIFE business is the number of people who join your community… and LIFE operates all over the globe, from the USA to Australia to Peru to New Zealand. Our training systems are in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

There will be some variables to your success in LIFE, like the quality of the people you sponsor, how you structure your business, your ability to inspire trust, and how much you leverage the LIFE systems, but my rough estimate is a six-figure income by the time you share the LIFE plan 500 times.

500 times vs. 11,000 days on the job? No contest.

While building my LIFE team I’ve also been running Balloon Distractions and filling bookings here in Tampa, so you can build a LIFE income even if you have a job, family obligations, and other activities in your schedule book.

Some of our best BD entertainers have joined Life Leadership and started to build an additional income stream, especially our college kids who are trying to pay down hefty student loans.

To learn more about creating a residual income for yourself and your family take a moment to watch the brief video on this website:


Watching this nine minute video might be your first step to getting out of that 11,000 day sentence at your job!

Reach out to me if you want to learn more!


Ben Alexander

December 2015

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