Swim to the Buoy.

This afternoon I took my wife and daughters out to the beach to watch the sunset and hang out. It’s been a warm winter in Florida, so I brought my bathing suit and swim goggles and hit the saltwater.

I like to swim far out to the first buoy, then swim to the next one or two, then back to the shore. The buoys look like this:

You can see them marking off the swim areas all over the Florida coast.

Sometimes when I’m swimming in the ocean the current pushes me off course. Without checking my progress and looking ahead to the next buoy it would be easy to drift far off course and get lost in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sometimes the next buoy seems really far away, but I know that if I keep stroking I will eventually get there.

Running a business and swimming in the ocean are similar, it takes consistent work, you have to have a destination, and the currents can sweep you off course!

Just as I looked at the ocean and mapped my swim route I’ve also been planning out my 2016.

I run 2 ventures; Life Leadership (LIFE) and Balloon Distractions (BD).

I have clear and intentional goals for both, there are some buoys pretty far out there in the ocean, with work and persistence I’ll get there.

My 2016 goal for LIFE is to hit the Coordinator level, this is where you have 3 sizable teams moving about $20,000 per month in business volume. A Coordinator-size community will earn me several thousand $$ per month in residual income (look at the LIFE Income Disclosure Statement for more info).

The compensated community business model in LIFE works, but you have to work it. I learned a ton in 2015, my community went from 20 people to 140…. in 2016 we can grow to 250 to 300 people, easy.

It took me many years to get to 300 people working within Balloon Distractions, my LIFE business will get there much faster.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and learn how to swim to YOUR buoy we should have a conversation.

Who wants to build a business in 2016?

Check out the video on this website:   http://www.LifeLeadership.com

If you want to learn more reach out to me.

Benjamin T. Alexander

January 1, 2016.


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