A few years ago Balloon Distractions had too much debt, a fancy corporate office, multiple employees and expenses that ate up every dime of revenue.

I replaced my employees with better technology, set up state of the art systems, paid down a ton of debt and now I can run the entire enchilada from any table anywhere, all I need is an internet connection and an energy source.

As I write this post I’m typing at a corner table in a restaurant while my car is being serviced. The internet is streaming from my smartphone, my rent for this space is the price of a cup of coffee.

I can do everything I need to do for multiple streams of income just by sitting here and firing up my laptop.

You do NOT need to be tied down to a cubicle or even a physical location to earn a full time income. You can be totally free, but you have to be creative and open to new ideas.

I started Balloon Distractions in 2003, in 2014 I launched a business with Life Leadership.

With my Life Leadership business I’ve been using online video conferencing to build my team in Canada, California, Kansas City and Atlanta!

I can work from anywhere in the United States right now. In the next few years I’ll be able to seamlessly run both ventures from anywhere in the world. I could run everything from anywhere; a night market in Taipei, a café in Lima, a trattoria in Rome.

You have to wrap your brain around time zone differences, Balloon Distractions has spanned 4 time zones for the last 8 years, its not a big deal. My LIFE team will eventually span 15 different time zones, but we’ll adjust accordingly.

There is something to be said for running a SIMPLE business that does not require inventory, employees, or an actual physical building.

I occasionally have meetings for Life Leadership or Balloon Distractions in my home, but most of the growth in both businesses takes place in restaurants and coffee shops all over Tampa Bay.

Many of our business meetings are now virtual over a Zoom.us connection.

Both ventures use direct deposit for all payroll, Balloon Distractions hasn’t paid anyone via paper check for the past 10 months.

In LIFE all the business volume is generated electronically. 100% of the LIFE training can be accessed via smartphone, so the product side of that business is totally virtual as well.

If you truly want to be FREE as an entrepreneur you need to have a business that you can run from anywhere, with proven systems that move products and services with little effort on your behalf.

You need systems in place to create residual income, and the LIFE opportunity has the best systems I’ve ever seen for creating an international asset that generates income across borders in a way that is simple for the business owner.

Because of Balloon Distractions and Life Leadership I have amazing flexibility in my schedule, I can determine where I need to be and what I need to do on a weekly basis.

If you work with me to build a Life Leadership team you can enjoy that same level of freedom.

Check out the short video on this site:     http://www.LifeLeadership.com

If you want to learn more leave your contact info in the comments section and I’ll reach out to you in the next few days!

Have a Great week!

Ben Alexander

January 20, 2016

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