Everyone needs this.

Recently I’ve been expanding my Life Leadership business by reaching out to the folks who used to work for Balloon Distractions. BD has been around for 12 years, across 4 time zones… so we have a pretty large list, about 4,500 people in all.

I’ve been having fun catching up with everyone, many of these people worked for BD when they were college students, now they are somewhere in their mid to late 20’s, working all over the United States.

One former twister is growing pot in Washington state, one works for Google as a software developer, another is an actress in Los Angeles!

I’m aware that only a small percentage of the people I reach are going to join the LIFE business and build it, being an intrepid entrepreneur is not for everyone! 

But what if some of our former balloon twisters use the LIFE training to pay off debt,  strengthen their marriage, or even advance their career?

That would be great.

I sincerely wish that someone had put this training in my life when I was in my 20’s. I would have avoided a ton is mistakes, managed my finances better, and been a better husband and father!

The LIFE training is just like the compass in the picture above, it keeps you on the right track and headed in a positive direction, no matter what you are doing in life.

Consider the actress in LA. If she gets a big part in a movie and makes a ton of money our Financial Fitness Program will help her manage that windfall wisely. She will look at her wealth from a long term perspective, and not waste it needlessly.

Many seemingly wealthy movie stars like Nick Cage and Wesley Snipes got in trouble with their finances, the IRS, or both.

Their are big challenges that come with sudden wealth, just as there are challenges in being broke. If you harbor poverty thinking you won’t be able to handle any type of wealth.

This is why so many lottery winners win millions and lose it all in just a few short years.

I’ve been listening to the LIFE audios and reading positive books on a daily basis for the past 2 years. This self-directed education has restored Balloon Distractions to stable profitability, led me to sobriety, vastly improved my relationships, and helped me pay off a boatload of debt.

Life Leadership has turned my MESS into my MESSAGE!

To learn more take a few minutes to watch the video on this website, then comment on this post:  http://www.LifeLeadership.com

Have a great weekend!

Ben Alexander

March 4, 2016

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