You are a #Miracle.

YOU are a miracle.

Have you ever considered how truly miraculous you are?

If you can read these words the light waves from this page are going past your retina into your eyeball, turned into tiny electrical pulses in your optic nerve and then sent to your occipital lobe where they are then processed into images. Those images are then zipped to the temporal cortex section of your brain where the letters and words coalesce into language. This all happens almost instantly, and it feels as natural and normal as a fish swimming down a river.

Consider that 2 distinct strands of DNA had to perfectly fuse together 9 months before your birth right after one sperm out of 100,000 made it to a microscopic egg hidden in your mother’s fallopian tubes. Those cells had to replicate with such perfection that you had a beating heart within a few short weeks, tiny hands with 10 fingers and tiny feet with 10 toes, lungs that worked, a brain that could process language, etc.

And after you were perfectly formed your mother gave birth to you and you survived long enough to learn how to walk, talk, cry, laugh and even read this book.

Now consider that before you came into being your parents were formed the same way, and their parents before them, going all the way back to hunters and gatherers predating history thousands of generations ago.

There are countless things that had to happen in the correct order just so that you could sit here and read this.

The next time you consider doing something self destructive or foolish to your health or welfare consider the miracle that you’ve been handed, the miracle that you are even here at all, the miracle that YOU are.

If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, where you feel that everything is hopeless, or that you can’t go another day consider the chain of random miracles that had to happen to create you. You are NOT an accident, you are not here by random chance, you were created for a real purpose, to do GOOD in the world, to contribute, to touch the lives of others!

Benjamin T. Alexander

March 2016

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