Exercise, Learning and Earning.

We can all design our lives, but we have to be intentional about it.

Exercise ::::::::::::::::

I moved from Baltimore to Florida in the summer of 2003. We bought a nice home in a development with a large community pool. I had been a swimmer as a college student, but during my 20’s I lived in New Jersey and Maryland and didn’t have access to a pool.

I still live in that same housing development in Florida, and since our pool stays open all year I’ve become a daily swimmer, even in the cooler months when the pool dips below 60 degrees. Swimming in cold water will focus your mind, try it.

For the last 2 years I’ve been walking several miles each morning (sometimes with my wife) and then swimming in the late afternoon. The afternoon swim is a great wake up call, especially when you reach that low point in your daily Circadian rhythms.

This combination of walking and swimming feels sustainable, I’d like to maintain this level of daily exercise for the rest of my life.

Learning :::::::::::::::::::::::::

I’m aware that my knowledge and leadership skills at this point are limited, so I’m investing time in personal development as well. The results that I’ve created in my current businesses are a direct reflection of my thinking up to this point in time.

In order to lead 10,000 people I have to become a better leader, a better coach, a better performer and a better human being all around.

I have to deepen my faith, and grow closer to my Creator.

I’m constantly listening to audios and reading to develop my most valuable asset; my mind. The Life Leadership material is great for this, I’m still finding new content in the system, and the leaders in LIFE are creating new content every month.

Earning ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I have the freedom to exercise at will because I haven’t had a regular job since 2003. I’ve created passive income through 2 ventures; Balloon Distractions and Life Leadership.

There are still actions that I need to take on a weekly basis to maintain and grow both ventures, but the passive nature of my income gives me the TIME to also read and exercise more than most folks who punch a clock 40 hours a week.

Most of my daily EARNING activities revolve around developing and growing each business. I’m in the people business, and as long as the world is full of people there is no limit on the size of my team.

When you focus on building passive (or residual) income that is exactly what you will get. If you focus on trading time for income you will be stuck in the hamster wheel forever; work, sleep, eat, wash, rinse, repeat.


The roots of your results will always be firmly planted in your daily habits.

Create a regular habit of Exercising, Learning then Earning.

Try to do all three, every day.

You’ll feel great, you’ll be happier, and your finances will steadily improve.

Have a great weekend, I’m hitting the pool!

-Ben Alexander

March 19, 2016

2 thoughts on “Exercise, Learning and Earning.

  1. This is so true, been trying to keep that going myself because I’m not where I want or need to be, I have too much talent and creativity as well as knowledge to be stuck.

  2. These are great laws to live by! Thank you, Ben, for sharing, it tells me that there is a way and not to give up. Pure, raw, good examples of how it’s done. I’m paying attention. I appreciate the advice.

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