A clean desk, systems, and passive income.

How does Balloon Distractions send entertainers into restaurants from Seattle to Miami,  keep the quality high on a weekly basis, maintain a trained team of entertainers, and maintain the billing and payroll so that everything runs smoothly?

It all comes down to organized systems.

The best way to run anything complicated (with moving parts across 3 time zones) is to build a system that makes everything simple.

Even in our personal lives it makes sense to build small predictable systems that organize our environment. It can be as simple as keeping a clean desk. If I find my desk becoming chaotic I plug in the paper shredder and go to town.

I keep my keys and wallet on the same spot on my shelf.

When you organize your physical space you tend to feel more peace in your mental space.

I operate 2 very different ventures; Balloon Distractions and a compensated community with Life Leadership. Both ventures have excellent systems that run online, I can log onto the website for both companies and monitor our sales, the growth of each team and the monthly cashflow for each business.

Any business that operates online is easier to manage than a traditional business with physical inventory, employees, or a storefront.

Neither BD nor Life Leadership have any employees, everyone is an independent contractor. My teams are compensated based on merit and results, nothing else.

Some people might think that I have no balance in my life, running 2 ventures must keep me busy, right?

Wrong. Both ventures generate passive income. I have time to read, write these blogs, and exercise on a daily basis. I probably have more free time than most people who work 40 hours a week.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you CAN design your life. If you feel stuck in a job there are alternatives. You can build a business that replaces your current income from your job.

Take 8 minutes out of your day and watch the video on this website:


Have a Blessed day!

Ben Alexander

March 20, 2016

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