There is something to be said for monthly progress.

In 2014 I had a scary amount of debt. My wife and I started to listen to the Financial Fitness program published by Life Leadership. I had to change my thinking about finances.

I was laboring under multiple mortgages, business debt, credit cards and auto loans. I decided to cut up my credit cards and started tracking each debt in a little notebook. I sold stuff I did not need and stopped eating out at restaurants.

We reduced costs in Balloon Distractions, and I went back to directly managing my team in Tampa. I also started creating an additional stream of income by building a modest Life Leadership community.

My focus for the NEXT 2 years is to go totally debt free and pay off my home here in Florida. Maybe do it even faster than that.

Most people build a Life business while they are still working a regular job, some with the goal of quitting their job to be “free” from a boss.

I don’t feel that way about Balloon Distractions. After owning and operating BD since 2003 I still enjoy sitting down and interviewing new entertainers and developing new trainers and regional leaders.

Balloon Distractions will be successful as long as children still love balloons!

In addition to reading up on finances and paying down debt I’ve also been listening and reading up on leadership.

Everyone who runs a business should study leadership, from the owner of a lemonade stand to executives in huge corporations. It wasn’t until I was 40 that I began to study leadership, so its never too late.

If your results in life are not above average you might need to upgrade your philosophy!

Have a great week!

Benjamin T. Alexander

April 2016




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