12 years and counting!

We started Balloon Distractions in Tampa back in September of 2003.

For 12 years we’ve been hiring outgoing people, teaching them how to twist balloons, then sending them out to restaurants.

Our entertainers earn $15 to $25 per hour.

It’s a great part time gig, and our people are free to hand out their own card, and work their own schedule.

Kinda like Uber for entertainers, without the danger of getting into a car with a serial killer… but you still have to drive to the bookings.

Our people can log on and grab bookings on their smartphone.

Today we have established teams all over the country.

We pay via direct deposit, so everything is electronic and efficient.

If you see a Craigslist ad and you’re curious about working with us take some time and go to the interview. You will be interviewed by an experienced trainer.

We had an artist in Tampa earn over $200 working just 4 hours in a restaurant last week.

It’s fun, the money is good, and you can make $$ acting goofy.

Have a great day!

Benjamin T. Alexander

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