App-based Education!

This past week I was on the road, working with Balloon Distraction’s team in Atlanta.

That’s a seven hour drive each way, so I used most of that time to listen to the Rascal Radio app on my smartphone.

Rascal Radio is an app with personal development audio training in the following categories: Finance, General Success, Professional Development, People Skills, Leadership, Parenting, Marriage, Teens, Freedom, Case Studies, and Faith.

The app was created by Life Leadership, and I’ve used this audio training to improve my marriage, pay off over 120K in debt, make Balloon Distractions more profitable, and improve my life overall.

I almost forgot… it was the Life training that steered me towards sobriety!

I’ve been listening to the Life Leadership content for 2 years, and I’m still finding new stuff on Rascal Radio. On my drive home I listened to about 10 tracks, a productive use of my time vs. just listening to music or mindless talk radio.

On the conscious level we only recall a small percentage of what we actually learn, but on a subconscious level our minds take in and store 100% of the information that we see and hear. This means that if we listen to and watch junk all day (social media, reality TV, etc) your subconscious mind will reflect that.

On the other hand, if you read uplifting and positive books and listen to quality audio training your thinking will be elevated, and pretty soon better results will manifest themselves in your life.

My thinking today is different than my thinking 2 years ago, and I’ve seen positive changes in my life as a result.

I’m intentionally focusing on learning more about leadership, my goal is to grow my Life Leadership community from several hundred to several thousand people.

A better understanding of leadership is also crucial to my role as the founder of Balloon Distractions. The training from Rascal Radio benefits both of my ventures, as well as my personal life. It seems that the longer I study and then take action my debt goes away, all the while my income is increasing.

If you would like to try Rascal Radio for a FREE 7 day trial check out this link:

Benjamin T. Alexander

May 7th, 2016

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