#LoveLifeLeadership… Going Leader!

Last month my wife and I hit the LEADER level in Life Leadership.

If you look at the Life Leadership Income Disclosure Statement the average monthly income at Leader is about $4,100 per month.

When Randy Crain shared the Life business with me back in January of 2014 I was in no condition to build a Life community AND run Balloon Distractions.

I needed to course-correct a ton of stuff in my life.

I became a hungry student first, listening to marriage and Leadership CD’s in my car on the way to fill bookings, then switching over to the Financial Fitness program when my wife and I resolved to turn around our finances.

Our debt is over 120K LESS today!

It wasn’t until October of 2014 that I shared the Life business for the first time with my local barber. I was a mess, I had no idea what I was doing, but taking action felt great.

Over the next few months I worked with my mentor Craig Weberg and listened to a ton of CD’s in my car. In fits and starts I began to figure out how it all worked. I’m still learning every single day, every time I share the business with new people.

My short term goal is to use the extra income from Life to pay off my 4 bedroom home, if I’m going to teach people how to go debt free I want to get there myself as soon as possible!

My next goal is the Coordinator level, where the average income is $8,800 per month.

That’s not a million bucks, but an extra 8K per month on top of my wife’s income and the profit from Balloon Distractions? It starts to really add up.

Here’s the thing, some people look at the Life Leadership business model and they doubt that it works.

My only answer to that is this: it works if you work it.

I went on faith for a few months until I saw a consistent income of $400 to $700 per month. $700 is real money, that’s enough to pay off a credit card, or more aggressively pay down the capital on your mortgage.

Some of the folks who’ve joined my Life business never listened to a CD, read a book or even attended a meeting to learn about their business. This is a tragic mistake.

We only aggressively built our team for about 11 out of the last 18 months.

We might have hit Leader sooner, but there were months when I only shared the Life business with a few people.

Some months I wasted time watching TV when I could have been out meeting with people.

Go Leader or watch Law and Order reruns…. which is a better investment of my time?

I built my Life business while running and growing Balloon Distractions teams in Seattle, Houston, Rochester, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

This September Balloon Distractions will reach the 13 year mark, and we are still taking on new clients all over the country. If your business is profitable and strong after 13 years you’ll probably make it to 20, right?

As I reach the higher levels in Life Leadership I’m using the training to develop better leaders within Balloon Distractions. Many of the good folks working part time in Balloon Distractions have also started to build an income with Life, so Balloon Distractions has become a great talent pool from which we identify potential entrepreneurs.

If you want to learn more about Life Leadership watch the brief video on this website:


Have a great day!

-Ben Alexander

JUNE 2016

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