How many plans does it take?

There are not that many people who hit the LEADER level in Life Leadership.

I had to share the Life plan about 260 times to reach Leader. Results vary, it might take you far more, or far less. YOU are the variable, as well as the quality of the people you share the Life plan with. If you have awful people skills and zero confidence it will take you longer to hit each level in the business.

If you have excellent people skills and awesome influence you will get to Leader faster than me. You won’t know until you get out there and try.

It takes persistence, a couple of meetings each week, and lotsa familiarity with every Panera bread location in Tampa Bay. Last month my Life business moved over $10,000 in overall volume. If we can do $10,000 per month now we can build it to $100,000 per month in the future. The systems built into Life Leadership can easily scale up to that growth. I don’t have to do anything on the operational side at all, I just have to continue to build my compensated community.

The natural limit on my Life business is the number of people on the planet who are over the age of 18, so in other words, there is no limit on my income.

It took me 8 years to build Balloon Distractions to $65,000 per month in gross revenue (back in 2011), but we did not have the right systems in place to sustain that volume.

There are significant challenges in operating any business at 65K in volume each month, truth be told, I was not prepared to run a business at that size.

I feel like we can get our Life business to well over a million in gross per year, with far less headaches than if we achieved that same revenue with Balloon Distractions. I’m not alone this time, I have mentors who have gone before me that I can go to for guidance this time around.

As the Founder of Balloon Distractions I don’t have to devote too much time to my balloon business, the weekly schedule populates autonomously, that payroll can be done in a day… because of what I’ve put together over the last 13 years my talent agency now runs as smooth as silk.

If you run anything for 13 years you will eventually achieve some level of unconscious competence, even if you run a balloon twisting service.


If it takes me 1,000 plans to hit the highest levels in Life it will be worth it.

The journey is worth it, I’m forging some great friendships, reading a ton of great books and increasing the depth of my learning.

And my debt number? I get closer to paying off my home every single month.

This is just the beginning!

-Ben Alexander

July 1, 2016

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