Less TV, more potential.

About a month ago I shut off my cable (saving about $80 per month) and got into the habit of reading each night instead of watching junk saved to my DVR.

Currently I’m going through Orrin Woodward’s Resolved book. I glossed over the book 2 years ago, now I’m actually reading it with my full attention. Resolved is on par with some of the greatest success tomes out there, such as The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and See you at the TOP by the late Zig Ziglar.

I’m also reading Constantine Menge’s book; China, The Gathering Threat.

Getting off the TV habit felt really weird at first, like I had cut off my foot or lost one of my five senses. I felt like there was a hole in my life, and for a few days I really hated it. I just wanted to turn on the TV and turn off my brain, that was my nightly pattern.

I’ve been watching TV every day of my life since I was a toddler, it was always there with a seductive glow and endless content. TV was a habit that set up shop in my brain over 4 decades ago… I shudder to think how many hours I’ve wasted watching nothing.

I’m not proud of this, but one of my serious TV addictions (since college) has been all the versions of Law and Order; Law and Order SVU, Law and Order Major Case, Law and Order Preschool edition, Law and Order Southern Cooking Recipes, Law and Order PTSD, Law and Order Animal Planet, and so on.

With DVR technology you can now record and watch every episode and variation of Law and Order. You can get to know Olivia Benson better than you know your own family! You can get freaked out by the general weirdness and dysfunction of Robert Goren.

Law and Order reruns are now in syndication on second tier TV networks, at one point my DVR was recording episodes on three different channels! You can turn on your TV anytime, almost anywhere on the planet and watch Lennie Brisco solve a murder, even though the actor who played Lennie died back in 2004!

Rest in Peace, Jerry Orbach.

For the last 2 decades I’ve been giving myself a nightly dose of lies, rape, murder and conspiracy. The Law and Order storylines are fascinating to the human mind because they shine a spotlight on awful crimes, stuff that we never see in our everyday lives.

This was the junk that I was putting in my mind each night before falling asleep.

I was letting heinous crimes cycle through my brain all night long!

When I started to read instead of watching TV 2 things happened right away:

  1. I fell asleep faster, instead of being kept awake by the flickering lights of the TV screen.
  2. I began filling my mind with positive concepts, so when I woke up each morning I had a better attitude, more optimism, and more HOPE for the future.

My purpose in life is to build a business that transforms the lives of 10,000 people, in order to do that I have to become the type of leader that other leaders will follow. I’ve found a higher calling, and addictive TV watching has been holding me back!

There are some who might question my strategy, some who might say that reading is boring. “What will I do without TV?”.

Do you want to do something significant in your life or merely go through the motions?

You can live a mediocre life, work your job, pay the bills and just watch TV every night… millions of people do exactly that.

But WHAT IF you were built for a larger role?

What if you could do something positive that impacts the lives of 10,000 families?

Did God design you to be average?

Perhaps (in my case) I was born to just be an average Joe, and I’m striving for the impossible. Maybe my grand notions are merely a delusion!

Maybe I was born to start a balloon company and just own a small business for the rest of my life.

I’m running the risk that I’m an average guy and that all my hopes and dreams are total bull honkey, I’m taking the risk that all this reading and work is for nothing!

BUT… the more I read the more I’m convinced that anyone can live a BIG life and achieve huge goals, as long as they are willing to do the work (in the right opportunity), study the right material and never give up.

I would rather look back when I’m 90 and KNOW that I went for the big time, the brass ring…. fame and fortune!

I would rather read, grow, and explore my upper potential by trying to build a massive business with Life Leadership. If I don’t try to do that I will always regret it.

Let me be crystal clear, Life Leadership is not the only vehicle out there, there are many ways to make a big impact and change the world. As you begin to read the right books and educate yourself you will learn about everyone from Jonas Salk to Mohatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. to Marcus Aurelius to Jesus of Nazareth.

When you read about people who did GREAT things you are far more likely to accomplish big things in your own life. Elevate your thinking, it will elevate your destiny.

Turning off the TV and reading MORE is my daily preparation for whatever lies ahead, this is my mental boot camp to whip me into shape for a much larger leadership role.

Discard the bad habits that are holding you back, to allow room for great habits that propel you forward!

-Benjamin T. Alexander

August 6, 2016

PS. If you’ve never heard of Jonas Salk or Marcus Aurelius this is a sign that you need to read more and read deeper.

PPS. If you’ve never heard of Mohatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. or Jesus of Nazareth I don’t know how to help you at this point…

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