#ACTION solves everything!

I was as broke as smoke 13 years ago.

I was 29 years old, I had just moved my family to Tampa, took a sales job that was %100 commission based… and my results were awful. Every single day was a string of NO sales, NO income and growing bills on my desk.

One night I came home from my job and my past due mortgage note was on my desk in my little home office: $1,100. Eleven hundred bucks that I did not have, with zero commissions coming in… and my wife had ZERO luck finding a teaching job.

(She did get a job as a teacher, but that was about 2 months later… our daughters were only 4 and 6 years old at the time, so we also needed to take care of our kids).

I had twisted balloon in restaurants back in 1997 and 1998… and I still had a bunch of balloons in a bag in my closet…

That night I bundled up some balloons and headed for Ybor City, the nightclub district in downtown Tampa. I twisted balloons on the street for TIPS, coming home with eighty bucks in crumpled up $1 and $5 bills…

I went back to Ybor every single night until my mortgage note was paid…

It was on the street, twisting balloons and sweating in the August heat back in 2003 that the idea for Balloon Distractions came to me. Within a few weeks I had some restaurants lined up and I started to recruit local college kids on the USF campus in Tampa.

For 13 years that Balloon Distractions has paid my mortgage, given me lotsa free time, and even got me 8 minutes of televised silliness on Shark Tank.

ALL of it came from taking action.

In those 13 years I made mistakes, I tried other ventures that were not as successful, at one point I even lost money on Super Sonic Spheres, check it out:

This was a goofy invention that I found in Taiwan and we imported a couple hundred units to the United States.

It never made a dime, but I’m glad we still have the videos on YouTube.

The best thing about the SuperSonicSphere clips are the little kids from the neighborhood that we bribed with free pizza to star in our video.

IF you never take action you’ll never fail, if you never fail you’ll never learn anything.

I’m glad that we started Balloon Distractions way back in 2003. We went on to grow teams all over the United States. Today we have clients in Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and many other smaller markets.

Whether you are considering Balloon Distractions for part time work as an entertainer or full time work as a Regional Leader you will learn new skills, have fun, and earn some great money.

Benjamin T. Alexander

August / 2016

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