#OWN the #Robots.

Travel agents were replaced by Expedia and Priceline.

Toll collectors were replaced by EZ Pass and Sun Pass.

Now 3.5 million truck drivers here in the United States will be replaced by technology like this:

In the next decade 99% of truck driving jobs will be gone, poof, vanished!

Imagine robots driving 18 wheelers all night long when the traffic is the lightest. By 2025 the only humans on a 3AM freeway will be drunks and cops, and the drunks will be passed out in the backseat of their self driving cars!

Robots drivers never sleep, they never need a bathroom break, they never get bored or distracted. Robots won’t ask for overtime pay, join unions, nor will they require paid vacations or take off for the holidays.

Robots won’t require expensive pension plans or government mandated healthcare.

Robots are an employers dream and a worker’s nightmare.

If you are in a JOB right now take a hard look at what you do and ask yourself this: will I be replaced by a robot or any other form of artificial intelligence?

The key here is ownership.

You don’t want to work in the factory, you want to OWN the robots that work in the factory, or own the repair business that fixes the robots that work in the factory.

If you are in the trucking biz you will do well if you OWN a self-driving semi, or 10 trucks, or 100.

Depending on a JOB is getting more risky as technology gets better.

I own 2 businesses. In this regard I carry far less risk than a typical white-collar guy working in a corporation.

I’ve never seen a ROBOT own a business.  

Your JOB can end today, with one decision made at headquarters by someone you might never meet.

If you depend on a JOB all your financial eggs are truly in one basket.

IF you OWN a business with multiple clients your risk is spread out among those clients. In order for Balloon Distractions to go under I would have to have hundreds of restaurants across 4 time zones decide to cancel our service. That probably won’t happen.

This is why we make sure our restaurant clients are spread across multiple brands.

You have to OWN something to survive the changes that are coming.

Build an asset that kicks off income, in addition to your job.

Use that income to pay off all your debt, then you won’t owe anything to anyone.

OWN your business, your robots, your cars and your home! Own it all.

OWN a business system.

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to own a business, I got my Life team started for less than $200. My investment in building my Life business was some time spent in coffee shops and gas burned in my car. Life Leadership is a technology company, with practical education via download on your smartphone.

I OWN my Life Leadership community, I can make it bigger if I find more leaders.

The robots and technology are coming, so own the robot, don’t get replaced by one!

Benjamin T. Alexander

September 2016

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