The #business of #America is… BUSINESS!

A graph is worth a thousand words:

Our GDP represents the totality of all the goods and services produced in our country in a single year. The United States has had the largest GDP on the planet since the end of the Civil War, almost $18 trillion dollars.

The total global GDP is $80 trillion, so our country alone represents 22% of the total economic output on the planet, yet Americans only represent 5% of the world’s population.

No matter who LEADS the United States our economy will still remain strong, but the biggest roadblock to our continued success is $18.9 trillion in federal debt.

If we GROW our economy faster we can pay down our national debt.

More business = more tax revenue.

Can Trump grow our economy faster?  Trump borrowed $14 million in real estate loans from his father back in the 1970’s and leveraged that into a net worth of $3.5 billion, mostly in real estate holdings. He also had big failures, but so has every entrepreneur who tried new ideas.

In his first press conference as president-elect he mentioned how the United States is an under performing asset.

What if he’s right about that?

If we pare down wasteful government spending and eliminate red tape perhaps we can build to a $25 trillion GDP. This prosperity would be good for everyone and every gender; young and old, Hispanic, Black, White and Asian.

During the Obama administration our economy grew at an annual rate of 2%, during Ronald Reagan’s 8 year term our GDP grew as much as 12% per year! Check this out:

Obama vs. Reagan: GDP Growth Rate Update Shows Devastation of Socialist Policies

Obama was trained as a lawyer, but how much does he really understand business?

How could Obama DOUBLE our national debt and enact provisions that penalize employers when they hire more than 50 employees? (Under the ACA)

The business of America is BUSINESS, and when business is doing well there are more jobs, more choices, more competition for your spending dollar and more prosperity overall.

In the last 8 years the pendulum swung to the left, now 60 million GOP voters have pushed that pendulum back over to the right. Trump said some awful things, he was crass, he was rude, and I don’t want him anywhere near my daughters…

BUT, for all the stupid things Trump said, I’m curious to see what he can do to grow our economy.

You can protest, you can burn effigies in the street, but business will continue on. You can build a business and participate (I own 2 profitable ventures) or you can complain from the sidelines and go broke.

The election is over, I’m out there today growing my team, growing my business, and paying off debt.

God Bless America!

Benjamin T. Alexander

November 10, 2016.


The #Protests won’t work.

The election is over, the legal election process has run its course.

These protests will result in injuries (and possibly deaths), property damage, and lots of media attention…

I hope that every single protestor went out and voted against Trump on election day, because if they failed to VOTE there is no point in protesting.

I voted, my candidate LOST, I’m moving on.

A few years ago the Occupy Wall Street movement didn’t accomplish anything, neither will these protests. I can understand how people want to vent their fear and frustration about the election results, but getting injured or killed in at a protest march is a pointless exercise.

I respect the freedoms that we have in this country to assemble and express an opinion, but there are better ways to contribute. If all of these people worked to elect Clinton the outcome might have been different, there were more minority voters for Obama in 2012 than for Clinton this time around.

My daughters are 16 and 18, and I’m asking them NOT to participate in these protests. My interests are very selfish here, I just want to keep my children safe.

If YOU are thinking about hitting the streets consider the fact that mobs and riots attract people who gravitate towards chaos and violence. Some of these protestors genuinely care about the outcome of the election, but some of the young men in these protests just want to get drunk, break windows, burn police cars and go nuts.

If you hate Trump look up the local branch of the Democratic party and get more involved during the next election. You can be an agent of change, without getting arrested.

Benjamin T. Alexander

November 10, 2016