Onward and Upward!

We’ve been building Balloon Distractions for 13 years. Over the years we’ve designed online systems to run everything from billing to training to scheduling. Through trial and error we’ve worked out 99% of the kinks, especially in the first few years, and now everything tends to run smoothly.

I’m still making small adjustments to our systems, just last week I was updating our trainer’s manual. In addition to being the founder of BD I’m also the regional leader for Tampa Bay, so I’m involved in the business at the most basic level.

I’m filling a restaurant booking tonight.

At this point Balloon Distractions has been through the deep recession of 2008,  some people have come and go, and we’ve seen clients go bankrupt (Bennigan’s). I’ve had critics roast me on YouTube and in the Tampa Bay Times. I was even rejected by the investors on Shark Tank, in front of 10 million television viewers.

Yet here we are at the end of 2016, still profitable, still a national enterprise.

Two years ago my wife and I started building a compensated community with Life Leadership. I began using the leadership and financial concepts from the LIFE business to improve Balloon Distractions.

Today I’m proud to tell you that we have paid off over $166,000 in debt since 2014. LESS debt is always a plus, no matter what kind of business you own!

Both ventures are profitable, we were able to build our LIFE team pretty fast because the systems had already been built. With LIFE I can do business in 15 countries, with a wide array of educational programs that will teach you how be a better leader, fix your marriage, be a better parent, go debt free, and even deepen your faith.

The LIFE products are reasonable, I spent $100 on the Financial Fitness Program and paid off $166K in debt… that’s a great return on my investment.


The demographics in LIFE and BD are quite different.

The people involved in Balloon Distractions tend to trend younger; both my daughters are involved, as well as many high school and college kids. The LIFE business trends towards people 30 and older. Our big focus with LIFE is to help people get out of debt, and help people secure a solid foundation for retirement.

Some people build a LIFE income because they want a hedge against being laid off from their corporate jobs. Getting fired at 55 years old can devastate your finances, especially if no one else wants to hire you.

Age discrimination in the workplace is real, employers are biased towards people under the age of 40. The corporate world has ZERO loyalty to people my age or older.

Will Social Insecurity be there for my generation? I’m not betting the farm on it. I can control my LIFE income by going out and building a larger team. I have ZERO control over the federal government, so I’m not counting on getting a dime from Uncle Sam when I retire.

This is why I’m amazed at all the people who are screaming and yelling about the elections. If you voted you did your part, if you knocked on doors and got other people to vote you did a little more… but beyond that?

I’m content to follow the national news, but NOT to let it dictate my destiny. If Clinton had won the election I would have done the same things this week: made phone calls, met up with clients, and grown my future.

YOU control your destiny, you are the captain of your ship.

If you feel locked in a job you can always start a business on the side and get out of that job. It might take some time, you might have to learn some new skills, but if you live anywhere in the United States you are free to pursue your fortune.

I haven’t had to answer to a boss since I was 29 years old, I’m 42 now.

YOU can build your life around what you want, but it might require you to reject that status quo and try something different.

If you have NO original ideas? Join a Direct Sales concept for $200 and build THAT.

I’m biased towards the LIFE business, but there are many networking concepts that you can check out and join.

My goal is to earn $200K a year and live on 33% of that, that will give my family long term security and allow us to save some money, travel, do cool stuff and buy some nice stuff with cash.

As we get closer to that goal I’ll continue to write about the journey,

Thanks for reading!

Benjamin T. Alexander

November 11, 2016

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