Little #Shots

If you watch enough movies you’ll start to believe that all great success happens in life changing moments; when you get that big promotion, give a groundbreaking speech, or win the Nobel prize.

I was under the delusion that I would go on Shark Tank and have a huge moment, the sharks would invest, and I’d be rich and famous.

I was focused on creating my “Big Shot” moment.

In reality success is gained in small increments, when a new person with talent joins your team, when you land a new client. Success is found in the mundane and daily activities of running a business.

You have to take lots of little shots; some will miss, some will hit, some will glance off the target. The more shots you take the better your aim will become.

The key here is to keep shooting.

I’ve paid off over $160,000 in debt since my Shark Tank appearance. There was nothing big or sexy about that, it was just one payment at a time, one LESS thing purchased… the day to day activity was minor, but the RESULTS were big.

Today I landed tryouts in new restaurants for Balloon Distractions, and shared the Life concept with a barber. Later on I logged BD payments then went for a cold swim. It was a good day. Tonight I get to see my good friend Randy Crain present the Life business at our open meeting in Tampa.

The great thing about taking little shots is that you can keep taking those shots, over and over, until your business crosses 10 time zones… until you pay off your house… until you have a million bucks sitting in your bank account.

Don’t try to be a Big Shot, just be a little shot that kept shooting!

Benjamin T. Alexander

December 13, 2016

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