I’m changing my name.

After Shark Tank it was easy to find me on Google as “Ben Alexander”.

The problem is that there are some pretty weird people who have the same name, like this religious wackadoodle:


There are other Ben Alexanders publishing on Amazon, this guy is super creepy:


Good thing I’m not bald.

I’ve never written a book about seducing women, and never will.

For this reason I’m doing a complete rebrand under Benjamin T. Alexander.

There is only one other person under this name on the vast interwebs, and he’s a doctor:


Hopefully Dr. Benjamin T. Alexander will not be confused with Entrepreneur Benjamin T. Alexander

I’m using Benjamin T. Alexander under all my books and future posts.

Now I have to go back and change the end of 130 blog posts, yikes.

-Benjamin T. Alexander

December 2016


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