#Socks and Simplicity

Recently I went to the store and bought 15 pairs of the exact same brand of black nylon dress socks and 15 pairs of the same white athletic socks.

Why own a bunch of different varieties of socks when they all basically do the same thing? Now I can reach in my sock drawer and always find a matching pair of white or black socks. When I buy new socks I’m getting exactly the same type.

If I lose 1 black sock it won’t matter, the remaining 29 socks still match each other.

I know, it seems really silly to write about socks, but why not make your life super simple by having little systems set up to remove complexity?

In other areas I’m looking for simplicity as well, eating one meal each day is an easy way to lower your calories and keep your weight down. My goal is to slim down to 170 lbs.

NOT using credit cards and tracking my total debt has helped me pay off over $170,oo0 since 2014. When I pay off my home next year I’ll set up a similar system for investing the extra.

Deleting Facebook and ignoring Twitter helped me regain my time back. If you want to interact with me you actually have to write an email or pick up the phone! These posts upload to Twitter, but I never look at the feed.

EVERYTHING in Balloon Distractions is geared towards earning my family an income without having to slave away at a job 40 hours per week. Last week I spent about 15 hours running that business. There are many systems built into BD, from scheduling and billing to managing and motivating our teams.

My LIFE business is similar to BD, there are tons of systems in place to run your business, motivate your team, and increase your income.

I tend to buy used Toyotas for less than $12,000, normally with 70,000 miles or more on the odometer. My (paid off) Avalon currently has 187,000 miles on it. It runs great.

It is possible to remove all complexity and chaos from your life? Probably not.

You have to finds systems that work for you and your situation.

If you have some complexity in your life, even in your sock drawer, think about how you can do something small that removes that complexity.

Hope that helps!

Benjamin T. Alexander

January 2017



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