2013 Volt?

Last week I test drove a new 2017 Volt, and I was impressed by the performance and the high ride and drive quality of the vehicle. The deal breaker was the $35K plus price.

I tend to buy used cars for around $12K.

Today I looked at a red used Volt with 15,000 miles on the odometer, for about $15K.

The interior is very refined, it does not feel cheap like in a Corolla or a Cruze.

The first generation Volts (models from 2011 to 2015) have a battery range of 38 miles with a total gas range of 382 miles. I drove the 2013 Volt on the highway and it was very comfortable. I do plenty of highway miles per year (20,000 plus) so how a vehicle feels on the road at 80mph is important.

The first generation Volt has a ton of positive reviews online, one video shows a Volt with 300,000 miles on it. My main concern about Chevy is the reliability issue, but the Volt gets high marks in this regard.

In comparing the 2013 Volt to my wife’s 2010 Prius The Volt comes out way ahead. The 2010 Prius is not a plug in, it only charges when the Prius is moving under gas power. My wife still has to put $20 in gas in her car each week.

If I get rid of my 2006 Avalon and go with a Volt I’ll save about $40 per week in gas. That’s about $2,000 per year. If I go on a road trip and I can’t charge my Volt I’ll have to use gas, occasionally. My Avalon served me well, I paid it off a few years ago and the odometer is now at 188K. Any car that you can drive that far has given you a decent return.

The Volt can be recharged at my home every night, there are some Volt owners who have driven 20,000 miles and only used a few gallons of fuel.

If I put solar on the roof my car will run for free……

-Benjamin T. Alexander

January 8, 2017

No #Doubt.

Last night I was listening to an inspirational speech by Chris Brady, which in and of itself would not be an unusual occurrence, except for the fact that I was unconscious and clearly dreaming. In the speech Chris was enthusiastic and passionate, he was using anecdotes to inspire and teach the audience. In the dream I was thinking to myself “This is a great audio, I gotta get a copy of this out to my team!”

Brady’s teaching has always been spot on, he teaches wisdom, truth and how to think like a successful entrepreneur. I’m glad that Brady’s wisdom is deep enough in my subconscious to teach me while I’m sleeping.

I started listening to the leadership training from Life Leadership back in January of 2014, right after I pitched Balloon Distractions on Shark Tank. Chris features prominently in the leadership teaching, there are also several hundred Chris Brady audios on everything from people skills and general success principles to wealth building, improving your marriage and even deepening your faith.

For most of 2014 my entire involvement in the Life business was as a student; I worked on my marriage, paid off debt, made Balloon Distractions more profitable, and self published my first book, We Twist for Tips.

Without the Life training in my life in 2014 I don’t know where I would be today. Listening to the audios in my car and on my phone changed my fundamental thinking, since 2014 my wife and I have paid OFF over $170,000 in debt.

The LIFE training will help me pay off my 4 bedroom home, before my 44rth birthday.

Towards the end of 2014 (2 years ago) I started to build a compensated community with LIFE, while also running Balloons Distractions. Both ventures are doing well now, BD has balloon twisting teams in Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota and Tampa Bay.

Today my LIFE team has members across Florida, as well as Alabama, New York, California and even Idaho! This is a group of business owners who are building a business while also improving their lives.

There is a group of leaders in the LIFE business who have built huge teams, these folks earn an income in the seven-figure range. These leaders are featured prominently on the audios, and new people are hitting that level every year.

I have NO DOUBT that I will reach the top; the right thinking is deep enough in my mind to dream about it, and I’m also taking action on a daily and weekly basis to grow my business.

If you have the right vehicle the “IF” is no longer in question, only the “WHEN”.

Benjamin T. Alexander

January 8, 2017