Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes I write to codify and remember things, like this post about my daughter:

We tend to forget things, and writing about anything will clarify your thought process and help you reach certain conclusions. Writing is a natural step after we read and think about something, at least in my case.

This blog is a reverse chronology of my life since 2014… going on Shark Tank, joining the Life business, growing Balloon Distractions, the last presidential race, even buying a car.

These are eclectic pages; from posts about Jim Rohn, Elon Musk and MLK Jr. to Super Sonic Spheres, Sacred Geometry and Simplistic Socks.   

This page is connected to the Balloon Distractions website, as well as the online scheduler for our artists… but I might be the only person who reads these posts. Once in awhile our Shark Tank episode airs as a rerun, and this blog gets 100 hits on an odd Monday.

Writers feel a need to write. If this medium had been around when Winston Churchill was alive he probably would have written even more. A blog is not as serious as a book that is printed and bound.

When my mind begins to permanently leave me I can scroll through these posts and try to remember who I was and what I was doing during that season of my life.

Perhaps a clever piece of artificial intelligence coding will absorb these words and perfectly mimic my voice, creating a facsimile of my personality long after I’ve become worm food.

There is a verse in the Good Book that says “We know not the time nor the place” of our own demise. I expect to reach 250 years old as a cybernetic robot, but if this does not pan out my silly blog might persevere, perhaps as an item of interest to someone born centuries after I’m gone.

I wish my great, great, great- grandfather had written about his experiences as a Union soldier in the Civil War, all I know is that he survived the war, only to die in a railroad accident soon after.

I suppose that all media will be preserved somewhere; the digital files of everything ever written, spoken and videotaped. Imagine if the search engine in 2075 lets you build a three dimensional dossier on whomever you want, perhaps with a holographic avatar that looks and acts exactly like your subject of interest.

Interested in Elon Musk? A 3-D avatar of Musk will appear before you, you’ll be able to hold a conversation with him, compare chocolate cookie recipes, even take him with you to go miniature golfing.

OK. That’s enough for today. At least I didn’t write about my car.

Benjamin T. Alexander

January 30th . 2017

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