A month in a #Chevy #Volt.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Chevy, I’ve been driving other brands for many years… until I bought a used 2013 Volt in January, 2017.

If you just bought a Prius DON’T test drive the Volt, you’ll be mad at yourself for choosing the wrong car. My wife owns a 2010 Prius, I drive it all the time, the Volt beats it hands down, no contest.

I love this car. As a business owner who drives 20,000 miles per year this car is perfect.

In normal driving I use full electric about 50% of the time. Driving around Tampa Bay I’m averaging about 70 miles per gallon. I charge my Volt every night, it takes 2 seconds to plug it in, just like a cell phone.

I’m spending less than $15 a week on gas, even though I drive a ton.

On full electric mode I get about 35 miles of range before the gas generator kicks on. You can hear the gas engine if you are going through town, not so much at highway speeds. In full electric mode the Volt is quieter than any gas powered car on the planet.

The Volt is the most underrated car out there. I got my 2013 model for $14,500, it was in great shape with only 15,000 miles on the odometer.

GM built the Volt to be a car that can be sold globally, so this is one of the reasons they’ve built the car so well, with such obvious quality. The Volt and the Ampera are competing against the electric cars put out by Toyota, BMW and Nissan. For this reason GM spared no expense, the Volt was designed to compete against the best electric vehicles out there.

My Volt the basic model with the cloth interior, standard wheels. The interior is very nice, it does NOT feel cheap or plastic like you might find in some smaller cars. The stereo is excellent, plenty of bass and high end response. A good sound system is important.

The Volt rides like a $35,000 vehicle, accelerates like a BMW with a V-6, and sips less gas than a Prius. It’s tight as a drum. The lithium ion battery gives this car a very low center of gravity. In extreme cornering the Volt feels solid and stable.

My electric bill went up $20 for the month, but my gas costs went DOWN from $50 per week to about $15.

There are days when I use ZERO dead dinosaur juice.

The back seat is small, but in 5,000 miles I’ve only had 4 people in the car for less than 25 miles.

For 2 passengers the Volt is perfectly comfortable. 99% of the driving is me, alone, or driving my daughter to school, or taking my wife out on a date…

If you are thinking of getting rid of your clunker check out the Volt.

Ben Alexander

February 7 . 2017

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