#LIFE business vs. Google!

Sometimes when I share the LIFE business with a new person I get this question:

“Ok, so this is personal development stuff that also teaches me how to go debt free, why can’t I just go to the library or find it on Google?”

This is a great question, certainly you can sit at home and do a Google search to find valuable content about success and financial fitness. If you apply that information to your current occupation or business there is NO DOUBT that you can optimize whatever you’re currently doing.

But what if you could LEARN while you EARN?

The LIFE business beats Google hands down, here’s why:


Google is free, the LIFE Rascal Radio app is $12 per month. At first glance it seems that Google wins this one, until you listen to Rascal Radio for a few weeks and start to apply that information to your marriage, your business or your finances. LIFE is directed and intentional, Google is very random based on what you type in the search box.


When you Google stuff you have no mentor, ZERO direction. If you have a blind spot in your skills your mentor in the LIFE business will hand you a book to help you eliminate that blind spot. A self-directed education on Google can’t do that for you. One of my mentors in LIFE is George Guzzardo, a man who has had a positive influence on tens of thousands of people, built tremendous wealth, and stayed married for 40 years! George Guzzardo has encouraged me to grow in my faith, become a better leader and improve my marriage. Google never did that.


Can you start a Google business with a proven program designed to help you increase your income? Nope. With a LIFE business you can build an ASSET that helps you pay off your debt and even retire from your job. The program is proven, with clear implementation steps. LIFE has a system, and I’ve used this system to create tens of thousands of dollars in additional income for my family. It works if you work it.

TAX Advantages:

When you own a LIFE business you get all the standard deductions that come with owning a home based business. If you work in a 9 to 5 job you are probably paying too much in taxes, guaranteed. Googling stuff doesn’t give you any tax breaks.

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax professional, you should talk to a CPA. My knowledge of the tax code comes from 13 years of dealing with the IRS as a business owner.  


The LIFE business has regular meetings where you can meet the other people in the LIFE community and learn how to grow your team. This community works as a support network, and you start to gain many friendships as well. I’ve grown close to my colleagues in LIFE, I’ve gained many friendships that never would have happened if I had not joined that community.

Tonight I’m going to the Tuesday night “Open Meeting” in Tampa. Many of the folks on my team will be there, learning and expanding their business. I’ll be there in the first row, taking notes and learning.


Google is a an amazing tool, but it has limits. I’ve used the LIFE material to improve many different areas in my life, and so can you.

Here is the main website about going debt free:


Check it out!

Ben Alexander

February 7 . 2017


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