Who writes this stuff?


My name is Ben Alexander, I started writing this blog in 2014.

I’m just a middle class guy from New Jersey who likes to write about… whatever comes to mind, really.

The picture above is from 1998, that’s me and my oldest daughter Claire.

Today my daughters have finished college and they have been successfully launched into the grown up universe. I’m really proud of my girls, they turned out OK.

(Claire on the Left, Grace on the RIGHT.)


From 2003 until 2017 I ran a nationwide talent agency, then sold the darn thing.

It was time to move on.


In 2017 I went into the solar business with veteran owned and operated Tampa Bay Solar. Green tech is a frequent subject throughout this blog…

I’m currently an equity partner at Tampa Bay Solar. I love selling solar, and showing my sales team how to do the same. My income from the solar biz gives me the freedom to travel, be creative and do fun activities like volunteer, write books, do stand-up comedy and goof off onstage in community theatre.

It’s all here in the blog, somewhere.


I was in Rotary for a few years, and I went to Honduras to install water filters with a wonderful organization called Pure Water for the World. I’m also a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity over in Dade City, just north of Tampa.

I write this stuff for my own enjoyment, feel free to share it on social media, or not.

God Bless!

(Updated in January ::: 2022)

(Fall of 2021, South Rim of the Grand Canyon)