Who writes this stuff?


My name is Ben T. Alexander.

I went on the show Shark Tank back in 2014, click on the link above to check it out.

I’m a middle class guy from New Jersey with 2 daughters who are now in college.

The picture above is from the late 1990’s, that’s me and my oldest daughter Claire.

I became an entrepreneur in 2003 because I wanted to have the time to read and write, without having to punch a clock 40 hours per week. I can’t work in a cubicle, slaving away for a faceless corporation.

Starting in 2017 I went into the residential / commercial solar business. Green tech is a frequent subject throughout this blog. I’m currently the Sales Director for Tampa Bay Solar. I love selling solar, and showing my sales team how to do the same.

In addition to this blog I’m developing a YouTube channel:

The Solar Nerd.

On a personal level I believe that we need more compassion in our world; more love, more understanding.

I was in Rotary for a few years, and I went to Honduras to install water filters with a wonderful organization called Pure Water for the World. There are pictures and videos on this link:


I write this stuff for my own enjoyment, if you like it feel free to comment on any of the posts.

God Bless!

Ben Alexander

June . 2017

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