30 minutes.

I had to do something. I only have one business suit left that still fits me.

Swimming was not enough, and my joints can’t handle running anymore, at least at my current weight. I needed to get my heart rate up, without tearing my body apart.

The elliptical has become my daily 30 minute habit every morning.  

I listen to the Rascal radio 3.0 app on my smartphone to pass the time.

This is one of the many reasons you want to be an entrepreneur and be FREE to do what you want. I work on my schedule and work-out on that same schedule.

I have three main goals for 2017, one of those goals is to get down to 170 lbs.

If half an hour on the elliptical does not do it I’ll increase to 45 minutes.

I’m also writing down every everything I eat in a small notebook.

See you at the Rec center!

Ben Alexander

February 15 . 2017

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