Artists don’t need to be BROKE.

Some people want to suffer for their art, they want to be broke and blame the world for their dreadful condition. No one can help folks like that.

A few years ago I was expanding Balloon Distractions and I reached out to several talented artists across the United States who could twist amazing shapes, yet they were not doing well financially. One artist was in her 50’s, with carpal tunnel syndrome. She could make amazing shapes, but if she worked more than a few times each week her wrists would start to hurt her.

My suggestion was to build a small team and land a few restaurants in her area. This would give her a supplemental income of around $500 per month, letting her scale back her weekly bookings. Maybe even work less, but charge a little higher.

In other words, 100% of her income as a lone artist was dependent on her swollen joints, with a small team she would make 50% from the team, 50% from her own bookings. This would require her to learn some new business and leadership skills, and also lessen the strain on her hands and wrists.

Doing something new will require you to get out of your comfort zone, but after a little while you will get good at your new skills, everything will get easier as your skills increase. MEANWHILE the people who do not learn new skills are still in a state of uncomfortable poverty.

I’d rather get out of my comfort zone for a year rather than endure a lifetime of eating ramen noodles. Being broke sucks, poverty is far more painful than learning new skills and expanding a business.

If you are NOT a balloon artist you can build a small LIFE community in your area and earn an extra $800 per month from your TEAM. If you are a starving writer, film director, actor, painter, etc… that $800 can pay for food, maybe help you cover rent.

There is a tab at the header of this page that says Life Community, click on it and watch the video. I earn money from Balloon Distractions as well as my LIFE community. My LIFE income is not enough to fully live on (yet) but I’ve paid off over $170,000 in DEBT since 2014. The LIFE income combined with profits from Balloon Distractions helped me do that.

I don’t know that anyone would call me an artist, but I’m certainly a writer who is not starving. I live in a modest home, with a reliable car in the driveway. I support my wife and 2 daughters, while also having the time to create and write. My 2nd book is in editing, my third book is almost done in rough copy.

I spend time on my writing, but also balance this with building my profits. My time spent on business does NOT take anything away from my writing, if anything it gives me more source material to draw from!

To all the starving artists out there, I’m calling you out.

Stop acting like a scared little girl and have enough guts to start something profitable. Your art will get better, you’ll have food in the fridge, and you’ll no longer have to find someone to support you.

Stand up and support yourself!

Ben Alexander

February . 2017


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