Just Cleaner.

You don’t need industrial size vats of Dawn dishwashing soap to clean off ducks when everything is running on solar.

Put the panels on your roof, plug in your electric car, and enjoy life.

Some things will still need fossil fuels, like jet planes… but cars and trains and 18 wheelers will all run on electrons before long. There will be high efficiency solar panels on the roof of every train car, every trailer hauling freight, every home and business.

Battery technology is poised to take leap forward and when it does we’ll see inexpensive electric cars on the market with a 500 mile usable range, and you’ll be able to fully charge your car in a few hours. No one will worry about the range of their electric charge anymore, if you top off the charge on your car every few days you’ll always hundreds of miles of range on your electric car.

The old tech will still be around, gas stations and even diesel engines, but the efficiency of electric and solar and the low cost will move everything in that direction. When solar is everywhere electricity will get even cheaper, far cheaper than fossil fuels.

You’ll be able to charge up your car with 1,000 miles of range for $50. The same distance in a gasoline powered vehicle will cost $100 or $200 or maybe even more.

Blackouts and brown-outs won’t happen anymore, every home and business will have solar with a battery back-up storing an extra month of electricity, in case of an emergency.

There will be spare energy, for free, everywhere. Fast charging stations will be in the parking lot of every business you visit, if you need an extra 300 miles of range in your car just plug it in, no charge.

All of this is coming, so if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a business think about the possibilities that will pop up as society makes this massive shift…

Ben Alexander

March . 2017


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