Married to the Electric Company?

Most homeowners think they have to pay an electric bill for the rest of their lives.

Do you have to stay with FrankenElectric, ’til death do you part?

Not anymore.

It still makes sense to maintain your connection to the power grid, but the grid does not have to be your sole source of energy. If your summer bill is $300 per month or higher you can get a solar system that will knock your bill down to less than $20 per month!

A rooftop solar system will reduce your electric bill to pennies, with nothing spent out of pocket, provided your credit is decent. Solar panel prices have dropped 99% in the past 25 years! Solar is now LESS expensive than electricity from the local utility.

The tide has turned, the tipping point for solar is now, the year 2017.

When you install solar today you know that your system will be paid OFF at a specific date in the future, and the panels we install today will last until 2040, or even longer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You don’t have to stay with Mr. “Bolts in Neck” forever!

Tampa Bay Solar installs SolarWorld panels, which are pretty awesome, check this out:

Tampa Bay Solar is putting a system on the roof of my home, and I’m excited about what they can do for thousands of homes across Tampa Bay.

You don’t have to be married to your electric bill, go solar!

Check these guys out:

There is ZERO return on a dollar sent to the electric company, but a 10% to 12% return on every dollar you invest in solar!

Ben Alexander

March . 2017