When I was 29 years old I left the job universe and took my first tentative steps out into the world of self-employed entrepreneurship. Looking back I had no idea what I was doing at all. Business ownership is very different from punching a clock at a job. As a new entrepreneur I was making things up as I went along; some stuff worked and some stuff was a waste of time and money.

In my 30’s I took on debt, and while my time was my own my money was not!

My goal in my forties is to not only be debt free, but also have enough income to drive to the local airport and buy a first class ticket to anywhere, and stay there for as long as I want.

My wife might even go with me!

The debt free part is just a function of math and focus. Once my home is paid off it will cost me less than $1,500 per month to cover our basic needs. By then our daughters will be done college and off on their own.

In the last month I’ve become an avid student of residential and commercial solar, specifically how to market it, pitch it, close deals and install it.

This might result in extra income, it might not. I’m out of my comfort zone in student mode again, and I’m having a great time.

Selling solar and building a solar sales team is just an extension of what I’ve been doing since the 1990’s, from building door to door teams in the energy deregulation racket to putting balloon artists in restaurants, to building a LIFE community. People are people, if you get the right folks together in the right direction (and then train them well) you can create a powerful force multiplier.

You have to have a reason WHY you do what you do.

Mine is freedom, what’s yours?

Ben Alexander

March . 2017

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