Nothing worth it is easy.

I started building a team with LIFE towards the end of 2014, since then the business has quickly evolved, from a business that focused on leadership training to a focus on helping middle class folks get out of debt. Our LIFE team has several movers and shakers in Tampa, Orlando and Los Angeles. It’s small for now, but you have to start somewhere.

Because of the LIFE training I’ve paid off just over 172K in debt, this came from listening to LIFE’s Financial Fitness program, increasing the profit margins in Balloon Distractions, and focusing on decreasing our debt total on a monthly basis.

Some of the debt reduction came from my wife’s income and my extra income from the LIFE business, we also reduced some ongoing monthly costs as well; eating out less, never using credit cards, and using Netflix instead of $100 per month cable TV.

Recently I’ve been delving into residential and commercial solar sales as well. I have spare time and 25 years of sales and team building experience, my goal is to earn an extra 50K this year in green tech. That might happen, it might not. Maybe I’ll only make an extra 30K… and that would be pretty good as well!

Take a minute to watch the video, especially if you are interested in entrepreneurship. I have a ton of respect for Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, they live what they teach.

Ben Alexander

March 2017

UPDATE: I got out of the LIFE business and sold Balloon Distractions about a year after I wrote this post. Around the time this post was written I started doing solar sales with Tampa Bay Solar, later getting their sales team up to $1 million a month in sales and becoming a shareholder in that company.

There was a better financial opportunity with solar, vs LIFE and the balloon twisting business.

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