This kid is the next Bill Gates.

Remember the name Connor Krukosky.

The young man in this YouTube video will either be a billionaire or a genius laboring in obscurity for a tech giant while earning a nice income:


It takes until the 25 minute mark until he gets it working.

I have to give huge kudos to Connor’s parents for supporting his magnificent obsession.

It makes one wonder how many young people in the upcoming generation are self taught geniuses, and how well are we developing them to their full potential?

At the end of the video he talks about his future… it looks like the video already got him a job with IBM:

IBM is smart to hire him now. If they pay him $100K a year and just let him wander around the company he’ll randomly come up with a novel way to add an extra $100 million to the bottom line.

Ben Alexander

April . 2017


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