The universe will reciprocate.

Call it karma, good vibrations, etc.

What you put out there will come back to you.   

In 2003 we started a goofy little business that sent balloons artists out to restaurants, for a modest fee. We had no website, no business cards, no systems at all.

We called it Balloon Distractions, thinking it might not last, would restaurants really be willing to pay for balloon twisters, especially long term?

Happy children got balloons, our teen entertainers earned $20 per hour while becoming better public speakers, and our restaurant clients got more families coming in to eat.

It was a win for everyone involved, and some of the restaurants we landed as clients back in 2003 are still weekly clients to this day!  

In 2014 we got to pitch Balloon Distractions on Shark Tank, it was a unique moment immortalized on YouTube forever. Click the “Watch us on Shark Tank” link on this blog to check it out.

The Sharks didn’t invest, but it was still a neat experience.

Today we make a healthy passive income from Balloon Distractions. In September BD will hit the 14 year mark! I’m dumbfounded at how long BD has endured, who knew? It might last another 40 years at this point, new babies are being born every minute.

In 2014 my wife and I got involved in the LIFE business, the LIFE training teaches people how to go debt free, improve their marriages, and even become more successful in business. It’s information that anyone can use to lead a more skillful life.

Each month the LIFE business kicks off a modest passive income. This Saturday night our team is attending a monthly LIFE seminar over in Orlando, I’ll personally take several pages of notes, and some of what I learn will apply directly to my other ventures.

THIS year I’ve jumped into residential and commercial solar sales with:

This is a veteran owned company; we hire people who’ve served our military with honor and TEACH them a new skillset that helps them transition back to civilian life. Tampa Bay Solar (TBS) employs installers from several service branches, and you have to love that!

I’m working with TBS to build a robust sales funnel and grow the marketing team.

What will your karma look like if you help 1,000 homes go solar? That’s less coal burnt in a generation plant, and cleaner air over Florida.

How many JOBS are created by installing solar on 1,000 homes? Not just the installers, but also American jobs at the SolarWorld factory that makes our panels over in Oregon.  

How about all the homeowners who see their utility bill drop from $300 per month to $20? Even if they finance the panels they KNOW the end date on that payoff.

There is NO end date to your electric bill, maybe when you die?

I’m excited about what we can accomplish in the next decade, it really feels great when you are doing the RIGHT thing with the RIGHT people. I wake up in the morning charged up and ready to get out there!

When you bless others in a little way, every day, the blessings will eventually come back to you, in many ways, from unexpected directions.

Ben Alexander

April . 2017

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