$183K paid off.

I’ve been focused on paying off debt since 2014.

I’m not debt free YET, but so far we’ve paid off over $183,000 in mortage debt, car loans, credit cards and business loans. These pay offs came from my wife’s income as a realtor, in addition to my profits from Balloon Distractions, Life Leadership and my more recent sales work with Tampa Bay Solar.

You don’t need to go into debt to grow a business!

The Financial Fitness program sold by Life Leadership set me on this path, and I’m grateful for all the good folks in that community who encouraged me to “keep going”.

Big thanks especially to Randy Crain and Steve Duba for sharing the Life business with me back in early 2014. I had no idea I needed this program, but I’m glad they took the time to share it with me.


Stuff paid for on credit will not make you happy, and in the long run debt causes more stress, especially if you struggle to cover a bunch of payments each month. As I get older I’m more interested in having peace in my life. When college is paid for (for my daughters) and my home is paid off I’ll be a happy guy.

I run into folks who are 75 who still have a mortgage on their home. That’s insane. With some focus and discipline you can pay off your home in your 40’s, maybe even your 30’s with careful planning.

If you look at your mortgage balance and feel like you can’t pay it off (at your current income) you might want to consider that you’re living in too much home!

My goal (when I’m debt free) is to live on less than ONE THIRD of what I earn after taxes. This will give me the flexibility to live on my terms, without feeling the need to work like a dog just to meet my obligations.

If you want to learn more about the Financial Fitness program feel free to comment on this blog or reach out to me otherwise.


Ben Alexander

May . 2017

One thought on “$183K paid off.

  1. I’m happy to hear things are going well for you Ben. Always appreciate your insight and optimism.


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